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You Drive Me Crazy 2/2 NC-17

Title: You Drive me Crazy 2/2
Genre: Stargate Atlantis
Author: Wereleopard
E-Mail: ivanova58@yahoo.co.uk
Category: Ronon/Sheppard
Spoilers: Series 2
Rating: NC-17
Ok this is my first ever Ronon/Shepherd story
Disclaimer: The characters from Stargate Atlantis do not belong to me. I promise to bring them back all shiny and new, I am making no money and I am poor.
Feedback: Please I can beg if you need me too.
Thanks to Tartlett for beta’ing

Chapter Two

Ronon’s mouth opened wide as John attacked it; this is what he wanted, what he had waited for. Now John knew what it felt like to be him; all that pent up frustration needing a release, and for only one person, one man.

John traced his hand over that muscular chest, pinching the nipples and feeling the groan that Ronon released into his mouth. But this wasn’t enough, kissing would never be enough. He finally managed to wrench his lips away from that delicious mouth beneath his.

He kissed his way down the strong, handsome face, his eyes staring into ones that were now nearly as black as the night sky. John nipped and sucked at the pulse-point in Ronon’s neck, feeling the naked body underneath him buck. Continuing his journey southward, he reached those hard nubs, which he gently bit and sucked on, moving across and given its twin the same treatment, licking down that perfect six-pack.

Ronon was moaning and writhing at what John was doing, but he was the one who had suffered and he was going to fuck John Sheppard, hard and fast, so he would feel it for days later. If this was going to be the only time that they did this, Ronon was going to make it memorable, so every time John closed his eyes, his mind, his body, would remember this, remember every touch, every push…

John gasped as he was suddenly lying on his back while Ronon ripped off his clothes and gazed at him hungrily; it made the Lt. Col. harder, if that were possible. He never wanted anything more. Ronon kissed him hard and quickly but never explored like John had: the runner went straight to the source and swallowed him. Sheppard’s body bucked up, trying to get deeper into that moist mouth.

Ronon gripped hold of the slim hips to stop the movement; now he was in control and he was going to make John lose his mind and scream his name so all of Atlantis could hear it and know that the military leader was no longer free: he belonged to Ronan Dex.

John gasped, trying to watch Ronan’s head bobbing up and down, but he couldn’t; his eyes rolled into the back of his head as an agile tongue wrapped around the head of his cock. He could feel himself getting ready to come; there was a tingling down his spine, his balls started to tighten up. Arching his back as he came…

“Ronon,” John screamed.

Ronon grinned as he let Sheppard’s shaft fall from his mouth; he waited for the other man to finally open his eyes and look at him, and when he did, Ronan licked the come from his mouth and smiled as John groaned in want.

“I’m going to take you, John.” Ronon moved up the sweaty body and whispered huskily in his ear. “You’re going to come so hard, scream so loud, for so long, that you won’t be able to talk, and everyone in Atlantis is going to hear you and know that you’re mine and no one else can have you.”

John shivered from excitement; he wanted to feel Ronon inside of him, pulsing, throbbing…

“Oh god, Ronon,” John whispered, afraid to talk louder, afraid he might wake up and find out this wasn’t happening.

Ronon reached over to the plain, simple table that sat by his bed and picked up the oil; he bent over John again and kissed him once more before moving to the bottom of the bed. Opening the bottle, he slicked up his fingers.

“On all fours, John.” Ronon’s voice was deep and gruff.

John moved without thinking as he turned over and went onto his hands and knees, his ass waving tantalizingly in front of Ronon’s face.

Ronon couldn’t help it, he wanted a quick taste. Leaning forward and with a quick swipe of his tongue, he ran it over John’s hole, pushing it in as far as he could. He felt John’s body jump slightly at the shock, but if there was going to be a second time --and if Ronon had anything to say about it there would be-- he was going to explore and know everything about that body in front of him, that delectable, firm ass that soon would be his. With one slicked finger he slowly pushed into that hole, moving his finger in and out. When he could feel John pushing back onto his digit, he added a second one, scissoring them, opening John up.

“Now, Ronon,” John begged.

Ronon pulled out his fingers, slicked up his cock. Slowly, so very slowly, pushed into the tight opening of John, the heat surrounded him, the muscles gripped him like a vice; the ex-runner groaned, forcing himself not to slam hard, to be completely encased.

John tried to push back but a strong grip on his hips stopped him, the slowness driving him insane. Feeling that solid shaft within him…

“Oh god, Ronon, now; I need...” John’s voice was breathless; he couldn’t put into words what he wanted.

Ronon grinned ferally down at the other man; the sweat sliding down the muscular back, down his spine... He had the urge to chase it with his tongue, but that was going to be later. He pulled out so only the tip of him was still inside then, pushing hard with his hips, he slammed hard. He felt John rock beneath him; he heard the groan from the head that was now buried into the pillow; Ronon pulled out and slammed forward again, this time hitting John’s prostate. There was what would have been a loud scream, but it had been muffled.

The fighter just let go and his instinct took over, pounding harder and faster, letting out all of his frustration and want for this man. He never wanted this to end; he wanted John tied permanently to his bed. A wicked smile crossed his face at that thought; that was definitely something they could try later.

John had never felt anything like this, never felt this full. He knew that it was going to be difficult for him to sit down, but that didn’t matter; he moved one hand down his body to grab hold of his erection, pumping it in time with Ronon’s fast and hard movements. This is what he needed, what he wanted. This is why he had wanted Ronan to work with them and not leave: wanting to reach out and touch that body, and now he could. The Lt. Col. screamed as Ronan hit his prostate again; he wasn’t going to last much longer, he could feel the tingling up his spine.

Ronon knew that things were going to end soon, he was going to come. He gripped hold of John’s shoulders and pulled him upright, the position pushing him deeper into the other man, his movements slowing, becoming more sensual. Rubbing his hands up and down John’s chest, their bodies moving in tandem, skin against skin, dark against light, bulky muscular against a more slender frame. They were as different as night and day, two sides of a coin, they completed each other.

Ronon moved his hands back to John’s hips and helped the other man move faster. With a couple of more slams into that supple body, he bit into John’s neck as he came, still moving within him.

Dragging his mouth to John’s ear, his voice husky and sexy, he rumbled: “You are going to feel me tomorrow. You are going to dream about me slamming into you. No one else is ever going to touch you again, apart from me. If they do, I’ll punish you, tie you to this bed and slowly, so very slowly, explore every inch of you. I won’t let you come until I want you to.”

John groaned as that breath whispered off his ear; he pushed himself up and down faster, his hand moving faster, needing to come now.

“Ronon.” He groaned as he came, semen landing on his hand, leg and the bed.

John leaned back against the body behind him, turning his head, smiling at Ronon and watching as his mouth came closer until their lips touched. The kiss was slow, full of promise of things to come.

“This wasn’t a one night thing for us, John; it could never be that casual. I won’t let you be with anyone else, I can’t.”

“I won’t let you either, Ronon,” John whispered, wincing ever so slightly as he moved on Ronon, and collapsed on the bed next to him.

He started to doze, felt a damp cloth clean him, the bed move once again as Ronon spooned against him, pulling the covers over both exhausted men. As John fell into a deep sleep, he felt happy, sated and safe.

The End

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