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Fic: You Drive Me Crazy 1/? NC-17

Title: You Drive me Crazy 1/?
Genre: Stargate Atlantis
Author: Wereleopard
E-Mail: ivanova58@yahoo.co.uk
Category: Ronon/Shepherd
Rating: NC-17
Ok this is my first ever Ronon/Shepherd story
Disclaimer: The characters from Stargate Atlantis do not belong to me. I promise to bring them back all shiny and new, I am making no money and I am poor.
Feedback: Please I can beg if you need me too.
Chapter One

The enzyme had heightened everything including his attraction to John Shepherd but it wasn’t anything new to him as he had lived with this attraction ever since they had first met and Ronan had shot and tied him and Teyla up.

The ex-runner could clearly remember how turned on he had been watching the dark-haired stranger all tied up, wondering the other man would be receptive to getting to know each other better, a lot better and with a lot less clothes. So before he checked the rest of the equipment he jacked himself off knowing that he would have been a lot less scary if he had a hard-on. He had never felt such an instant attraction before in his life and especially not to a man he had never spoken too.

Nothing had ever come from it but Ronon’s attraction had grown each single day and sometimes when his mind wandered he wondered if it could be more. Whether, they could have something special together. But Shepherd never gave any indication of wanting anything more, or even finding men attractive. John Shepherd was everything he could ever want a great leader whom would give up his life for any of them, the kind that Kel should have been, he was a caring man and he had a sense of humour. Some of the jokes and comments he made seemed to make the man himself laugh but Ronon had no idea what they meant but seeing Shepherd laugh was worth the not understanding.

The enzyme that was when he knew that their leader did in fact want him. He saw those eyes become black with desire, lucky enough he had been the only one to look and see it. Shepherd had looked away as soon as he realised that he had been caught, but still nothing happened but Ronon was going to push he wasn’t going to make the first move but there would be one and soon. Plans started to form his mind.


Shepherd was going crazy and Ronon was the one who was doing it. With all these gentle touches ‘accidentally’ brushing his arm, back or even ass. The standing a little too close for just being friendly, the long lingering looks, and of course the fuck me now one and that was in public.

The training room was worse, or better depending on how you looked at the situation at least he had a lot of masturbatory material. When Ronon would take him down, he would then straddle John’s waist and grind his ass into John’s groin rubbing ever so slightly before standing and holding out a hand and when Ronon let John win without thinking he did the same thing and sat across that perfectly flat stomach, when he realised what he had done John had gone to move but strong hands gripped his waist and pulled him down rubbing against his ass only for a few seconds before he let him move.

However, it had what had happened just a minute go was the last straw they had been walking down one of the corridors when large carts with boxes had to get past them instead of backing to the wall standing side by side Ronon had pushed him against it chest to chest and thigh to thigh. He could feel the hardness against his. Deep eyes stared down at his, a tongue sliding out of the mouth that had been in so many of John’s fantasies licked across those very kissable lips. Then he was gone and John was left alone standing there with lust running through his veins and an erection in his pants.


Ronon groaned not only had he pushed Shepherd but also him self. He stripped off his waistcoat, boots and trousers. Laying down on his bed he took himself in hand, his throbbing penis aching with the need to be released. Slowly he moved his hand up and down he liked the tightness of his palm around himself. What would Shepherd’s hand be like? Would his ass feel tighter? And, of course would Shepherd be an animal hard and fast or slow and sensual as he fucked Ronon?

There was a beep at his door; Ronon hoped it was Shepherd if not whoever was on the other side was going to get a real shock. The door opened and there in fact was the man he had been thinking about. The Lt Col walked in and neither of them heard the door whoosh shut their eyes were on each other Ronon’s hand moved faster and faster, his other slid up across his six-pack, up his chest to a nipple pinching and squeezing it hard, the Satedean knew he wasn’t going to last seeing John watching him those eyes black, that heaving chest and the hardness beneath his trousers.

It had worked and Shepherd was not leaving this room until one or both of them had been fucked even if Atlantis was falling down around their ears, this had been to long coming and nothing and no one was going to stop them and if someone did they would get a hell of a show.

“John.” He screamed, his voice deep and rough, come landed all over his hand and chest.

Ronon lifted his hand and licked it, he heard a gasp and the next thing he knew John was attacking his mouth with passion. This is what the ex-runner wanted, it was what they both wanted and needed. That was also why neither of them had found anyone, even a casual fuck buddy it was because they need for each other was too much and no one could ever compare.


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